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Date: 05/12/18 17:18
Train time at Selma
Author: RedFusee

The 'Carolinian' stops at Selma, North Carolina on the way from Charlotte to New York using the connection from former Southern rails to the Atlantic Coast Line.

Hiball, Karl

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Date: 05/12/18 21:06
Re: Train time at Selma
Author: IC_2024

Neat video! Good gawd those P-42’s are louuuuud and smoke like hell, too... Think about it... They’re as old as the power NRPC inherited in ‘71 and verrrrrry tired — NOT tier 4 compliant and way too much diesel exhaust fumes to inhale on regular basis. They will need to be replaced soon! Love your video ( but first thought is Alabama, not North Carolina), but then again Selma, Alabama has a branchline going through town— NO Amtrak.

Date: 05/13/18 02:18
Re: Train time at Selma
Author: boejoe

Enjoyed watching, especially since I once visited Selma with NO train activity. Passenger boarding seemed to be a time consuming process.

Date: 05/13/18 07:14
Re: Train time at Selma
Author: jeff56

Awesome video

Date: 05/13/18 07:57
Re: Train time at Selma
Author: ctillnc

Selma, N.C. was a railroad town from the start, although ACL didn't come through town until the Contentnea-Pee Dee cutoff was built in 1885.

Selma, Ala., from pre-railroad years, is the older and larger of the two. Ironically it was founded and named by a North Carolinian. Last passenger train was Southern's Goldenrod between Birmingham and Mobile, discontinued in 1959.

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Date: 05/13/18 14:04
Re: Train time at Selma
Author: kinnearyard

122 sounds like it's about to pack it in.

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