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Excursions: PV Colonial Crafts Pittsburgh  - notcheight

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Amtrak has decided that there will be no long term parking in Washington DC during track construction so our cars are being moved to Philadelphia. Since we need to take the Pennsylvanian to get the cars there we thought it would be fun to swing through Pittsburgh on the way. Trip details are as follows:

Train 92 Thursday May 10th, 2018:
Depart D.C. 238pm
Arrive New York Penn 650pm

Train 43 Friday May 11th, 2018:
Depart New York Penn 1052am
Arrive Pittsburgh 759pm

Saturday May 12th, 2018 Day in Pittsburgh sightseeing

Train 43 Sunday May 13th, 2018:
Depart Pittsburgh 730am
Arrive Philadelphia 255pm

Prices are one way:
$159 from New York
$129 from/to Philadelphia
$89 from/to Harrisburg

Hotel not included but for an additional fee you can stay aboard the cars in Pittsburgh. We will also board at other stops along the route by request. Boston and Maine sleeper Salisbury Beach will also be along for the trip. I know it is last minute but we hope you can make it!

Web Page: Http://www.colonialcraftsrailcar.com

Posted: 05-08-2018

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