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Excursions: PV over Tehachapi 4/28 - aronco

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You should be aboard the open-platform of TIOGA PASS on Saturday, April 28th. It will be the rear car on Amtrak's train 14, the Coast Starlight, as it detours over Tehachapi Pass on its way North to Oakland and Seattle. From Bakersfield, the train will run over the UP route up the San Joaquin Valley and over Altamont Pass into Oakland, and then run over the regular route to Sacramento, Portland and Seattle.
This trip will feature full meal and beverage service from our attentive staff.
We will leave LA Union Station at 10:10am and should arrive Oakland at 830pm that evening, making nearly the whole trip in daylight.
Our guests can select just a day trip over Tehachapi to Oakland or ride all the way to Portland or Seattle with us.
Fares: LA to Oakland, includes lunch and dinner......$300.00 per person;
LA to Portland or Seattle..includes private berth...$1250.00 per person;
And we are going to return from Seattle of course!
Leaving Seattle on train 11, the Southbound Coast Starlight, at 9:45am Tuesday, May 1st, pass Oakland at 845am Wednesday, May 2nd, and arrive LAUPT at 9:00pm Wednesday.
Seattle or Portland to LA with private berth and full meal and beverage service......$1100.00 per person;
Sacramento, Oakland or San Jose to LA $250.00 per person.
This trip is limited to 15 passengers to assure that there is plenty of room for all to enjoy this spectacular trip. Please call Norm at 760 953 9620 and confirm your space promptly, or EMail at aroncolc@aol.com
Before you ask: UP has specified that no one can sneak away from the train at Bakersfield during the smoke stop there. Sorry guys!

Web Page: www.LARail.com/tiogapass

Posted: 04-18-2018

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